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Air Quality Compliance Testing

TCS provides comprehensive emissions testing services employing Code of Federal (CFR) test methodologies, with Qualified Stack Testing Individuals (QSTI) having more than 20 years of experience in the environmental field.

Our company personnel specialize in JJJJ, KKKK, and ZZZZ test support for engines utilizing FTIR technologies to provide on-site data, including preliminary compliance/non-compliance status for VOCs, CO, HCHO, and NOx. For performance testing, our company owns and operates self- sufficient trailers with enclosed generators to operate without customer power. Our highly trained staff prepares the required pre-test protocols for the customer and submits the final test reports on the customer’s behalf. TCS provides certified portable emission services that meet state quarterly test requirements. We offer a full line FLIR leak detection program with leak repair services.


Catalyst Services

TCS offers a full line of catalyst services including annual cleaning of elements or replacement services. We offer pickup and delivery services for our customer owned catalyst elements that need cleaning services at no extra cost, these items can be returned in a 24 hour time frame if shop capacity is available. Our product line offers new replacement elements and catalyst housing to fit most applications. Most parts sold by TCS offer installation services for additional fees.

Compressor Package Commissioning

Our company employs a qualified staff to complete startup and commissioning of compressor packages. TCS has top of the line tooling to perform all necessary OEM startup and tuning, equipment includes laser alignment and portable emission analyzer tooling. TCS can provide these services on low emission and rich burn engine applications.


Compressor Station Filtration Services

TCS is a distributor for Parker filtration, we carry a large local inventory for most applications. TCS employs qualified personnel to identify and properly size the correct filtration for our customer base, including lab sample support to identify and correct customer filtration issues. We offer filter PM programs, TCS will supply and change out filters at customer directed intervals.


Dehy Services

TCS offers parts and service for Kimray dehy pumps. Our service team can remove, rebuild and install any size Kimray pump. TCS offers filter change outs for dehys utilizing our service truck with a 30’ crane as needed to remove and replace saturated carbon canisters from the housings. TCS is a distributor for all Kimray products.

Engine Tuning

Our company employs qualified personnel and tooling to properly tune compressor packages to meet customer permit limits. TCS offers catalyst cleaning and replacement services for all types of catalyst elements on low emission and rich burn applications. TCS can install and service new catalyst housing along with Air Fuel Ratio Controllers to assist in maintaining compliance with emission limits.


LDAR Monitoring

TCS now offers fugitive emissions monitoring (LDAR) to the midstream, upstream and downstream marketplaces. We specialize in the use of infrared thermal imaging to locate hydrocarbon gas emissions. Our highly trained staff uses innovative technology known as Flir GasFindIR & GF320 thermal imaging video cameras. These highly specialized infrared cameras deliver real-time thermal images of gas leaks. Optical emission detection is a relatively new technology that has been developed to provide rapid, accurate and safe identification of fugitive gas emissions. This technology enables the operator to “see” emissions of hydrocarbon gas (methane, propane, butane, aromatics, etc.) that are normally invisible. Thermal imaging facilitates precise identification of the origin of the leak, essential for repair activities.

TCS can prepare site specific monitoring plans to ensure all regulatory requirements are being met and provide record keeping for monitoring and repairs.

The TCS staff can also provide repairs on common leak types while on-site, minimizing the cost for re-monitoring events. If requested, the crew will repair and re-monitor those fugitive points that can be repaired without replacement or shutdown.

The benefits of optical leak imaging include:

  • Cost-effectively scan hundreds of components simultaneously
  • Identify exact source of leaks in real-time
  • Monitoring events performed without interruption of operations
  • Scan difficult to monitor components from a distance
  • Provide video records of emission sources, if requested
  • Meets requirements of many local, state and federal regulations

Parts Distribution

TCS is a supplier for OEM and Aftermarket parts for numerous compressor station components. TCS supplies Air Fuel ratio and Catalyst components to ensure our customer base meets their permit requirements. Parts inventory available for common items.

PM Services

TCS employs a skilled staff to help customers develop the needed preventative maintenance programs to meet regulatory compliance as well as maximize run time on their equipment. TCS employees are OEM certified technicians on Caterpillar gas engines including 3600 master mechanics, Waukesha engines, and Ariel compressors.